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Our Unit is one of the longest running Units in Buckinghamshire and is the oldest mixed Unit in the United Kingdom.

The beginnings of the Unit go back to 1961 when Senior Scouts from Prestwood, under the leadership of “Stan” Stansbury, joined forces with two Senior Scouts from Great Missenden to run activities together. They were soon joined by Seniors from Wendover and formed the Misbourne District Senior Scout Troop – some months ahead of the Scout Association sanctioning such troops! But the present Unit really began in 1964 when the Senior Scout Troop joined with older Guides and Rangers to form a Joint Unit. This was frowned upon in many quarters as it was some years before girls were allowed to join the Scouts. However, both Scout and Guide Headquarters recognised us as an experimental Unit and we went from strength to strength. Our uniform in those days was navy blue shorts and grey shirts to match the then Ranger Guide uniform. When the Venture Scouts replaced the Senior Scout section, we asked to wear blue uniforms to match the Guides but were told we could only do this if we were Sea Scouts, so we became Sea Scouts. (We did do a lot of canoeing and some sailing anyway). When Venture Scouts gave way to Explorers, we remained in our Blue Uniforms by remaining Sea Scouts.

Over the years, regular activities have included sailing, canoeing, caving, rock climbing, hill walking, and camping. Annual expeditions have been held every year since 1961 and have included trips to the following countries, sometimes several times: Germany, Leichtenstein, Austria, Andorra, Greece, Norway, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Canada as well as home expeditions to Scotland, Wales, Dartmoor, and Exmoor. In 2007, we celebrated the centenary of Scouting by making our 6th trip to the Canadian Rockies. This was our 46th consecutive expedition! Misbourne has always been where the action is!

Written by 'Stan’ Stansbury
(Currently 'Stan’ is the chairman of our Management committee, and has been around the unit since the very beginning!)